An improved method for the production of antibodies to lipophilic carboxylic hapten using small amount of hapten-carrier conjugate.

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1998
Authors  Pauillac, S.; Naar, J.; Branaa, P.; Chinain, M.
Journal Title  J Immunol Method
Volume  220
Issue  1-2
Pages  105-14
Journal Date  1998

A rapid, simple and low cost procedure for preparing minute amount of hapten-protein conjugates was developed using 4-acetyl benzoic acid (ABA) and two other closely related small chromophoric haptens. The amide bond-generating mixed anhydride method of Erlanger was modified to promote conjugation to various proteins (bovine serum albumin, ovalbumin, casein and hemocyanin) or to a synthetic homopolymer (Poly-DL-lysine). The key process in this synthesis is the use of a reversed micellar medium allowing strong carrier haptenization as determined by spectrophotometric measurement at characteristic hapten absorption peaks. This coupling procedure is applicable to as little hapten material as 0.2 micromol and is disclosed to be most valuable for other rare lipid haptens which pose analytical problem in biological fluids and matrices. Specific mice polyclonal antibodies were produced following multiple intraperitoneal injections of (ABA)23-BSA conjugate as revealed by indirect and competitive ELISA. Calculated KD for the interaction of the antibodies with free ABA was found to be 5 X 10(-5)M.

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