First identification of the neurotoxin homoanatoxin-a from mats of Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum (marine cyanobacteria) possibly linked to giant clam poisoning in New Caledonia.

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2010
Authors  Méjean, A.; Peyraud-Thomas, C.; Kerbrat, A. S.; Golubic, S.; Pauillac, S.; Chinain, M.; Laurent, D.
Journal Title  Toxicon
Volume  56
Pages  829-35
Journal Date  2010

We report the first identification of homoanatoxin-a from benthic marine cyanobacteria (Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum) samples collected in Lifou (Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia), where cases of giant clams (Tridacna maxima) intoxications were recorded during a severe ciguatera fish poisoning outbreak. Homoanatoxin-a was also detected in extracts of giant clams harvested in the surroundings of the contaminated area suggesting the possible link between these poisoning events and the occurrence of potentially neurotoxic Hydrocoleum.

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