High risk of dengue type 2 outbreak in French Polynesia, 2017

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2017
Authors  Aubry, M.; Teissier, Y.; Mapotoeke, M.; Teissier, A.; Giard, M.; Musso, D.; Cao-Lormeau, V. M.
Journal Title  Eurosurveillance
Volume  22
Journal Date  2017

In French Polynesia, the four serotypes of dengue virus (DENV-1 to -4) have caused 14 epidemics since the mid-1940s. From the end of 2016, an increasing number of Pacific Island Countries and Territories have reported DENV-2 outbreaks and in February 2017, DENV-2 infection was detected in French Polynesia in three travellers from Vanuatu. As DENV-2 has not been circulating in French Polynesia since December 2000, there is high risk for an outbreak to occur.

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