Dengue virus type-3, South Pacific Islands, 2013

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2014
Authors  Cao-Lormeau, V. M.; Roche, C.; Musso, D.; Mallet, P. H.; Dalipanda, T.; Dofai, A.; Nogareda, F.; Nilles, E. J.; Aaskov, J.
Journal Title  Emerg Infect Dis
Volume  20
Pages  1034-6
Journal Date  2014

After an 18-year absence, dengue virus serotype 3 reemerged in the South Pacific Islands in 2013. Outbreaks in western (Solomon Islands) and eastern (French Polynesia) regions were caused by different genotypes. This finding suggested that immunity against dengue virus serotype, rather than virus genotype, was the principal determinant of reemergence.

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