Communications scientifiques

Listes des documents edité pour des conférences de vulgarisations scientifiques

TItreicone de triAuteur(s)TypeAnnée
1,2,3,4 Dengue... Comment savoir si tu as la dengue ?Cao-Lormeau VM, Roche CPoster09/2006
1,2,3,4 Dengue... QCMCao-Lormeau VM, Roche CPoster09/2006
1,2,3,4 Dengue... Qu'est-ce-que la dengue ?Cao-Lormeau VM, Roche CPoster09/2006
Accumulation and transmission of algal ciguatoxins along the food chain in a ciguatoxic site of Tahiti (French Polynesia).Darius HT, Revel T, Cruchet P, Chateau-Degat ML, Ung A, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MPoster11/2004
Aedes and navigators : sailing together across the South PacificBOSSIN HCommunication orale11/2011
Agressions de l’écosystème corallien et augmentation du risque ciguatérique.Chinain MPoster06/2005
Aliments de rue : qualité microbiologique des sandwiches à base de produits carnés commercialisés dans l'agglomération urbaine et suburbaine de Papeete.Gay MArticle Journal
An ecological microarray study of coral bleaching.Senaca F, Foret S, Goffard N, Smith C, Grasso L, Hayward D, Saint R, van Oppen M, Ball E, Miller DCommunication orale07/2008
Another way to appreciate fish.suhas E, Suchard T, Dewailly E, Teyssou RPoster03/2009
Application of the Receptor Binding Assay for the evaluation of ciguatera risk in French Polynesia.Darius HT, Ung A, Tchoufouc M, Revel T, Cruchet P, Villiers L, Pauillac S, Laurent D, Chinain MPoster03/2009
Application of the receptor binding assay to ciguatera risk assessment in French PolynesiaDarius T, Pawlowiez R, Laurent D, Ponton D, Mallet PH, Chinain MCommunication orale08/2010
Application of the receptor-binding assay to ciguatera risk assessment : monitoring of toxigenic phytoplankton, fish and marine invertebrates in various toxic localities in French Polynesia.Darius HTCommunication orale11/2007
Assessment of therapeutic efficacy of medicinal plants used against Ciguatera Fish Poisoning through inhibition of nitric oxide production and brevetoxin bindingKumar-Roiné S, Darius HT, Matsui M, Reybier-Vuattoux K, Chinain M, Pauillac S, Laurent DCommunication orale10/2008
Benthic cyanobacterial mats in tropical lagoons.Echenique I, Villeneuve A, Laurent D, Chinain M, Humbert JF, Turquet J, Gugger MPoster03/2012
Benthic Cyanobacterial mats in tropical lagoons.Villeneuve A, Echenique-Subiabre I, Laurent D, Chinain M, Turquet J, Humbert J.F, Golubic S, Gugger SCommunication orale08/2011
Bioinformatics applied to infectious diseases.Goffard NCommunication orale03/2009
Center for marine biotoxins ILM-IRD. Development of detection tools for risk assessment due to marine biotoxin poisonings in French Polynesia.Pawlowiez R, Darius HT, Laurent D, Revel T, Ung A, Cruchet P, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MCommunication orale02/2011
Challenge of filariasis control in French Polynesia.Nguyen NL, Legrand AM, Bossin H, Plichart C, Marie J, Teururai S, Faaruia M, Mou V, Gatti C, Pawlowiez RCommunication orale03/2009
Chemical composition of essential oil of leaves of Eucalyptus citriodora L. from Tahiti Island (French Polynesia).Vahirua-Lechat I, Mitermit Y, Menut CPoster09/2007
Chemical composition of essential oils of leaves of Psidium cattleyanum Sabine and Psidium guajava L. from Tahiti Island (French Polynesia).Adam F, Vahirua-Lechat I, Mitermite Y, Deslandes E, Menut CPoster09/2007