Communications scientifiques

Listes des documents edité pour des conférences de vulgarisations scientifiques

TItreAuteur(s)TypeAnnéeicone de tri
Incidence and description of ciguatera in French Polynesia.Chateau-Degat ML, Cerf N, Nguyen NL, Huin-Blondey MO, Hubert B, Laudon F, Dewailly EPoster10/2002
Country Report from French Polynesia.Darius HTCommunication orale06/2002
Opportunities for essential oil production in the Pacific.Vahirua-Lechat IPoster02/2002
Les recherches sur les plantes médicinales et aromatiques de la Polynésie Française.Vahirua-Lechat ICommunication orale10/2001
PacElf in French Polynesia : initial evaluation.Nguyen NL, Plichart C, Hascoet HCommunication orale10/2000
Chemoprophylaxis of leprosy with a single dose of Rifampicin: a ten year follow up.Nguyen NL, Plichart C, Hascoet HCommunication orale06/2000
The reversed micellar medium as a universal tool for the development of antibody-based assays to marine phycotoxins using small amount of toxic material.Pauillac S, Branaa P, Chinain M, Naar JPoster02/2000
Strategy for the development of antibodies raised against ciguatoxins : The use of brevetoxins as model for polyether hydroxylated compounds.Naar J, Branaa P, Bottein-Dechraoui MY, Chinain M, Legrand AM, Pauillac SPoster02/2000
Production and characterization of monoclonal antibody to type-2 brevetoxins.Naar J, Branaa P, Bottein-Dechraoui MY, Chinain M, Legrand AM, Pauillac SPoster02/2000
Molecular characterization and classification of the ciguatera dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus. Chinain M, Revel T, Faust MA, Holmes MJ, Ung A, Pauillac SPoster02/2000
Monoclonal antibody-based enzyme immunoassay for domoic acid by using hapten-protein conjugates obtained at the nanomolar level in a reversed micellar mediumBranaa P, Naar J, Chinain M, Pauillac SPoster02/2000
Aliments de rue : qualité microbiologique des sandwiches à base de produits carnés commercialisés dans l'agglomération urbaine et suburbaine de Papeete.Gay MArticle Journal