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Screening for Wolbachia infection in the filaria Wuchereria bancrofti (Spirurida : Onchocercidae) var. pacifica and Aedes polynesiensis (Diptera : culicidae). Plichart C, Legrand AMPoster09/2005
Intrinsic efficacy and real impact of the mass drug administration with diethylcarbamazine and albendazole for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis in French Polynesia: a 3 year result.Nguyen NL, Séchan Y., Legrand AM, Plichart C, Teururai S, Pescheux JP, Buluc A, Géron V, Maucotel P, Faaruia M, Tetuanui A, Hascoet HPoster09/2005
Tentative eradication of lymphatic filariasis (Wuchereria bancrofti var. pacifica) in Fatu Hiva (French Polynesia) with concomitant use of diethylcarbamazine medicated salt and annual mass treatment with diethylcarbamazine and ivermectine.Nguyen NL, Moulia-Pelat JP, Nicolas L, Plichart C, Hascoet H, Faaruia M, Tetuanui A, Ung APoster09/2005
Severe dengue 1 out break in french polynesia during 2001: laboratory findings.Laille M, Viallon J, Roche CPoster09/2005
The predictive severity factors of Leptospirosis in French Polynesia.Jarno P, Garcia S, Quénée V, Nguyen NLPoster09/2005
Océan et Santé. Dewailly ECommunication orale09/2005
Leptospirosis: A public health problem in French Polynesia.Coudert C, Beau F, Jarno P, Berlioz APoster09/2005
Ocean and human health.Dewailly ECommunication orale08/2005
Agressions de l’écosystème corallien et augmentation du risque ciguatérique.Chinain MPoster06/2005
Searching for Wolbachia (Rickettsiales: Rickttsiaceae) in Aedes polynesiensis mosquitoes and Wuchereria bancrofti var. pacifica microfilariae in French Polynesia.Plichart C, Legrand AMPoster11/2004
Introduction of two distinct strains of dengue 1 into Hawaii during an outbreak of dengue fever in 2001. Imrie A, Zhao Z, Kitsutani P, Isami F, Laille M, Effler PPoster11/2004
The receptor binding assay as a tool for the monitoring of ciguatera risk in French Polynesia atolls.Darius HT, Revel T, Cruchet P, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MPoster11/2004
Accumulation and transmission of algal ciguatoxins along the food chain in a ciguatoxic site of Tahiti (French Polynesia).Darius HT, Revel T, Cruchet P, Chateau-Degat ML, Ung A, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MPoster11/2004
Neurological signs of ciguatera disease.Chateau-Degat ML, Guglielmetti P, Vauterin G, Legrand AM, Chinain M, Darius HT, Beuter A, Dewailly ECommunication orale11/2004
Ciguatoxin analysis in humans, fish and mice using blood collection cards.Bottein-Dechraoui MY, Chinain M, Turquet J, Chateau-Degat ML, Dickey R, Darius HT, Radwan F, Ramsdell JSCommunication orale11/2004
Recherche d’antiviraux dirigés contre les virus de la dengue issus de plantes endémiques ou indigènes de la Polynésie française.Suhas E, Meyer JY, Laille MPoster08/2004
Ciguatera : état des connaissances dans le Pacifique et approche diagnostique actuelle.Chinain M, Pauillac SCommunication orale08/2004
La ciguatéra : toxines et détection préventive.Pauillac S, Darius HT, Chinain MArticle Journal01/2003
Temporal link between ciguatera disease and Gambierdiscus spp. in French Polynesia.Chinain M, Chateau-Degat ML, Cerf N, Hubert B, Laudon F, Dewailly EPoster10/2002
Chronic neurological effects of ciguatera poisoning : an ongoing study. Chateau-Degat ML, Dewailly E, Huin-Blondey MO, Legrand AM, Nguyen NL, Chinain M, Darius HT, Verreault R, Beuter A, Rubin C, Backer LC, Hubert B, Laudon FPoster10/2002