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Cytotoxic effects of environmental toxins on human glial cells, D'Mello, F.; Braidy, N.; Marçal, H.; Guillemin, G.; Rossi, F.; Chinain, m.; Laurent, D.; Teo, C.; Neilan, B.A. , Neurotox Res, 2017, Volume 31, p.245-258, (2017) Abstract
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Neuroprotective effects of rosmarinic Acid on ciguatoxin in primary human neurons., Braidy, N.; Matin, A.; Rossi, F.; Chinain, M.; Laurent, D.; Guillemin, G. J. , Neurotox Res, 2014, Volume 25, p.226-34, (2014) Abstract
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Evaluation of seafood toxicity in the Australes archipelago (French Polynesia) using the neuroblastoma cell-based assay, Pawlowiez, R.; Darius, HT.; Cruchet, P.; Rossi, F.; Caillaud, A.; Laurent, D.; Chinain, M. , Food additives and contaminants (, 2013, (2013) Abstract
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Protective effect of Heliotropium foertherianum (Boraginaceae) folk remedy and its active compound, rosmarinic acid, against a Pacific ciguatoxin, Rossi, F.; Jullian, V.; Pawlowiez, R.; Kumar-Roine, S.; Haddad, M.; Darius, H. T.; Gaertner-Mazouni, N.; Chinain , M.; Laurent, D. , J Ethnopharmacol, 2012, Volume 143, p.33-40, (2012) Abstract
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Ciguatera Shellfish Poisoning (CSP), a new ecotoxicological phenomenon. From Cyanobacteria to Humans via Giant clams., Laurent, D.; Kerbrat, A. S.; Darius, T.; Rossi, F.; Yeeting, B.; Haddad, M.; Golubic, S.; Pauillac, S.; Chinain, M. , Food chain : new research., 2011, Volume Nova Publi, p.1-44, (2012) Abstract
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