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Prevalence of chronic symptoms of ciguatera disease in French Polynesian adults., Chateau-Degat, M. L.; Huin-Blondey, M. O.; Chinain, M.; Darius, H. T.; Legrand, A. M.; Nguyen, N. L.; Laudon, F.; Chansin, R.; Dewailly, E. , Am J Trop Med Hyg, 2007, Volume 77, Issue 5, p.842-6, (2007) Abstract
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Temporal trends and epidemiological aspects of ciguatera in French Polynesia: a 10-year analysis., Chateau-Degat, M. L.; Dewailly, E.; Cerf, N.; Nguyen, N. L.; Huin-Blondey, M. O.; Hubert, B.; Laudon, F.; Chansin, R. , Trop Med Int Health, 2007, Volume 12, Issue 4, p.485-92, (2007) Abstract
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Dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever in French Polynesia. Current situation., Chungue, E.; Laudon, F.; Glaziou, P. , Trop Med, 1993, Volume 35, p.209-15, (1993) Abstract
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Dengue 1 epidemic in French Polynesia, 1988-1989 : surveillance and clinical, epidemiological, virological and serological findings in 1752 documented clinical cases., Chungue, E.; Burucoa, C.; Boutin, J. P.; Philippon, G.; Laudon, F.; Plichart, R.; Barbazan, P.; Cardines, R.; Roux, J. , Trans Roy Soc Trop Med Hyg, 1992, Volume 86, Issue 2, p.193-7, (1992) Abstract
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HTLV-I in French Polynesia : a serological survey in sexually exposed groups., Spiegel, A.; Cartel, J. L.; Chungue, E.; Philippon, G.; Martin, P. M. V.; Cardines, R.; Laudon, F. , Med J Australia, 1991, Volume 155, p.718, (1991)
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Dengue 3 in French Polynesia : preliminary data., Chungue, E.; Spiegel, A.; Roux, J.; Laudon, F.; Cardines, R. , Med J Australia, 1990, Volume 152, p.557-8, (1990)
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engue and dengue hemorrhagic fever in French Polynesia : a comparative study of two successive epidemics, Chungue, E.; Spiegel, A.; Philippon, G.; Laudon, F.; Cardines, R.; Roux, J. , Southeast Asian J Trop Med Pub Hlth, 1990, Volume 21, Issue 4, p.680-1, (1990)
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